PC MP3 Text To Speech

PC MP3 Text To Speech 1.2

Turns text strings into audio files
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1.2 (See all)
Converts written text into audio content and saves the output files as WAV, MP3 or WMA. Uses the standard narrator voices installed by the Windows operating system.

The PC MP3 Text To Speech allows you to convert Text To Speech to MP3, WMA, WAV fast and easy!
The Audio Analyzer of the program allows you to display, edit and to cut you Text To Speeh data as MP3, WMA, WAV, easily.
Also, you can operate events, such as: play a sound, run an external program (with parameters), when the PC MP3 Text To Speech has finished the process.
Set the range to proceeds, the ID3 tags and get the information about the source file, all easy, with the Item Editor of the program.
You can also play the Text To Speech data from inside the software, pause, seek to a new position and much more.

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